About Us : 

Vidhant24 Chain Management Pvt Ltd is a dynamic initiative to facilitate one stop solutions for Services to our beloved customers. The objective of the Organization is to cater good to the society with the

 concept of “Delight in delivering good for you”. With versatile experience, the organization’s leadership is committed to provide the customers with the experience of Retreat, Refreshment and Rejuvenation

 with high standards of customer convenience. The practices we follow are best in the industry with realistic approach. 

 Vidhant24 - On Demand :  On demand Services through Gig working culture 

About our Managing Director

Mr.Dandapantula Shashank is the Managing Director for Vidhant24 Chain Management Pvt. Ltd., He has experience in the Manufacturing, Supply chain, Retail and Health & Wellness Verticals.

 He has a Masters degree in Management from IIPM, Post Graduate degree in International Business and Quantity Surveying from NICMAR.

The idea of this initiative took birth in 2019 with the objective of facilitating effective one stop solutions to the customers. In his words, "Vidhant24 is a centralized destination which delivers Good and enhances the customer convenience by implementing smart version of Business Processes". 

Our Core Values: 

Delight in delivering good to customers for experiencing WOW

Continues Improvement in offerings for Productive output

Embody Brand identity in appearance, behavior, values and ethics

Show Respect, humility and integrity which empowers individual to make meaningful contributions and motivate them to excel 

Participant leadership by allowing employees to tap their creativity and think independently using their own initiative and accept the ownership of responsibility

Be action Oriented and vigorous solution drive