Veg Standard Menu
The Standard Menu Consist of 1 Colored rice, 1 White Rice,2 Curries, Dal, Chutney, Papad , Sambar, 1 snack, 1 Sweet,1 Curd. The Price Can be Considered as Rs 150 Per Pl
Vegetarianism is a popular diet choice, whether temporary or lifelong. But what exactly does it mean to be a vegetarian? In the most basic sense, vegetarians do not eat meat. There are different classifications of vegetarianism, including lacto-ovo-vegetarians and even vegans, but all vegetarians do not eat meat, seafood, or poultry products of any kind.

Benefits :

1. Heart Healthy

Veggies are loaded with soluble fiber that can help keep blood sugar levels at a minimum, reducing your risk of developing hypertension.

2. Builds Strong Bones

Contrary to popular belief, many vegetables are full of bone-building nutrients like calcium. One cup of spinach or other comparable dark, leafy vegetables can supply up to 30 mg of calcium. Vegetables are also some of the best sources of Vitamin C which supports bone cell growth

3. Can Help You Lose Weight

Most vegetables have very low calories and are low in fat. Unlike many other foods, vegetables have no cholesterol whatsoever, so you’ll be able to enjoy your vegetarian diet guilt-free. 

Price :

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