Non - Veg Standard Menu
Vidhant24.in is the most trustworthy Convention Food and Catering Non Veg Standard Menu service company in Warangal, Telangana. Order a Non Veg Standard Menu service package for weddings, office functions, house parties, or other large group gatherings online. and The Non-Vegetarian Standard Menu. The price per plate is Rs 350.

This Catering Menu Package includes the following items: 
1 vegetable soup, 2 salads 2 salads, 1 chat, 1 vegetable main course (Paneer) 1 Non-veg Main Course (Chicken Gravy), 1 Veg Main Course (Gravy) 1 vegetable main course (Gravy), 1 Vegetable Biryani 1 Chicken Biryani, 1 Dal, 1 Variety of Indian Breads Variety of Indian Breads, 1 cup steamed rice 1 cup steamed rice, papad, pickle, and raita 1 cup flavored rice 2 ice cream desserts (regular) 2 ice cream desserts (regular)

Price :

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