JEE advance (online Tuitions)
The Price can be considered as Rs 35000 per course and the Course consists 12 classes per month with the duration of 1 hour per day .

  • The JEE advanced classes or IIT Online Classes provide a great opportunity for all those who wish to prepare from the comfort and confines of their home. And, those who are looking for IIT Tuition without any add on pressures of travel and overhead expenses.
  • JEE online coaching provides necessary information & guidance without wasting time in traveling Watch experts lectures on fundamental and important concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in videos, CDs or DVDs Most online coaching sites provide opportunity to Live Chat with JEE experts or IITians

Benefits :

  • The benefit of the up-gradation of the JEE exam from offline to online is that one can always re-opt for the correct answer if it feels logical enough. The offline paper offers one permanent attempt only, and losing marks because of the silly mistakes can be painful.

Price :

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