Commerce (Online Tuitions)
The Price can be considered as Rs 1500 per month per student per subject.

  • Online tuition is one-to-one tuition where tutor and student are not in the same room, or even the same continent. Online tuition and face-to-face tuition are often compared, but it’s worth noting that online tuition uses live streaming video, so student and tutor are face-to-face, just not physically.
  • Benefits :
  • ● Multiple options after completing classes 11 and 12.

    ● Career options like HR, MBA, and chartered accountant can be pursued.

    ● There is different knowledge to be interested in, like multiple challenges while preparing GST bills and getting benefits from preparing GST bills.

    ● Different investment schemes like FDs, share market and mutual funds are also available.

    ● One of the benefits of commerce is mathematics. Mathematics is directly related tothe subject of commerce.

    ● Any student who likes to play with numbers and data can study commerce.

    ● There is no expense in coaching centers while you study commerce, unlike science. Again high-paying careers are also available while choosing commerce as your stream.

    If you have a deep knowledge of tax then you can find jobs even in Google. Commerce students can explore any topic with a detailed plan.

Price :

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